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Provides a simple, convenient solution.

Turns pills and tablets into a flavoured liquid for easy swallowing.

Uses a unique, patented technology.


myLiquitab Technology

myLiquitab provides an alternative to crushing pills and tablets.

myLiquitab is a revolutionary technology that liquefies pills and tablets, turning them into an easy to swallow, flavoured liquid.

myLiquitab provides a means for people who experience difficulty swallowing pills and tablets to swallow their medication as a liquid.

myLiquitab provides care givers and family members with a convenient way of preparing medication. No more messy and time consuming pill crushing. Here are the steps to how this pill liquefier works.

Step 1

Place the pills and tablets in the beaker provided. Add water and the flavouring of your choice. Place the beaker in the unit.

Step 2

Close the lid and press start.

Step 3

In a short time the pills and tablets have become a pleasant tasting liquid.

Enjoy the ease of drinking a pleasantly flavoured liquid rather than struggling to swallow pills and tablets.

myLiquitab Features

myLiquitab converts pills and tablets into a pleasant tasting drink. This pill liquefier is affordable, convenient to use and portable. It includes a beaker to hold the pills and tablets during the liquefaction process.


Here are some more features that make myLiquitab a great way to prepare medicine:


Spill Proof

Has large, easy to use controls.

Includes a variety of flavours.

Removes the need to deal with gritty, unpleasant tasting crushed pills and tablets.

Provides a hygienic environment.

Who needs myLiquitab

myLiquitab is for the whole family.


myLiquitab was inspired by our desire to help people experiencing difficulties swallowing pills and tablets.


Parents will find it easier to encourage their children to take their medicine. No more challenges for your child to take the medication they struggle to swallow.


Do you have a parent, a partner, a loved one, a friend who struggles to swallow pills and tablets? Improve their life by liquefying their pills and tablets with myLiquitab.

myLiquitab is truly a great product. Improve your life and the life of those you care about with myLiquitab.

myLiquitab In Action

Still wondering how myLiquitab works? Let's hear it from our clients.

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